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The Future of Medicine: How AI is Revolutionizing Medical Diagnosis

AI has dominated global headlines with a powerful chatbot that could seemingly answer your every doubt. But have you thought about how AI could be applied across the medical spectrum? For example, AI systems based on neural networks can display a higher sensitivity to early signs of lesions, facilitating early detection and treatment of diseases or cancer.


AI speeds up diagnosis

During the pandemic outbreak, a research team from the Chinese University of Hong Kong developed an AI system for the detection of COVID-19 infections in CT images to assist doctors in diagnosis and increase their efficiency. The system can automatically identify COVID-linked lung abnormalities and provide an accurate diagnosis. It can also automatically track the changes in the patient’s condition and inform doctors to revise the treatment plan accordingly.

While a doctor may need some time to study a 3D CT scan to assess the patient’s condition, an AI pre-screening can process the images and show the abnormalities in seconds. Doctors only need to verify the AI screening results, which can speed up diagnosis.

AI increases accuracy

Different doctors may have different interpretations of a single condition, which can be confusing for patients at times. However, AI technology gives the most appropriate evaluation by analysing images like CT or MRI images and gathering the expertise of top medical professionals. This can be applied to actual diagnosis to help eliminate the differences in doctors’ opinions and provide patients with the best advice.


AI performs quantitative calculations on tumours

A tumour can be tricky to spot at its early stage as it can be tiny or hidden by other organs. If doctors use traditional medical equipment for screening, they may overlook the tumour or fail to provide accurate measurements. But AI technology can automatically pinpoint the tumour and precisely determine its size, shape and location, facilitating proper treatment and improving the chances of recovery.

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Source: HKAI

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