General Practice & Family Medicine

Family medicine aims to provide quality primary care, which is the first point of contact between patients and their doctors. Besides treatments of common illnesses, we have been offering comprehensive and personalised medical services with an emphasis on preventive care, ensuring every public member’s health and wellness.

EC Healthcare's medical brands operate across 14 general practice and family medicine clinics in Hong Kong supported by over 420 doctors, nurses and allied health professionals, all with a mission – to keep you and your loved ones healthy.

Brands under EC Healthcare

EC Healthcare Medical Centre

Integrated Medical Centre

As a patient-oriented integrated medical centre, EC Healthcare Medical Centre aims to help patients with early detection, prevention and treatment. We are led by seasoned doctors and medical professionals from various specialities, who are devoted to providing all-round, first-rate and attentive healthcare services to every patient.

Located in the heart of Taikoo Shing and Central, the Clinic is all set to manage patients’ health from prevention, through diagnosis to treatment by providing comprehensive medical services, including general and specialist out-patient consultation, health checks, vaccinations and more.

While being an integrated clinic under "EC Healthcare", EC Healthcare Medical Centre is ready to offer seamless access to medical services together with the referral services of the Group's specialist centres and imaging centres.

AI Medical

One-stop Medical Service Protecting Health for Individuals & Families

Riding on the synergy brought by our one-stop healthcare network online and offline, AI Medical Centre can manage patients’ health in a smart, trouble-free and inclusive manner, and deliver its state-of-the-art healthcare experience to everyone by tapping into integrated personal health data backed by a cure and rehabilitation tracking system.


Licensed Day Procedure Centre

We are a group of dedicated doctors who believe in working together to provide the highest professional standard of care to our patients. Our centre was established in 2006 and share a common vision of providing quality care to members of the whole family. We have expanded into a multi-specialty medical centre offering a wide range of medical services.