Bring you closer to health with telemedicine & drug delivery services

How can you see a doctor when you are not available for an in-person visit? For those who are inconvenient to leave home to see the doctor, such as the elderly, children and the bedridden who live alone, or for caregivers at home, EC Healthcare’s telemedicine and medication delivery will be an ideal solution. This allows for consultation without geographical restrictions, bringing the ailing closer to health.

Our telemedicine clinic now covers General Practice and Chinese Medicine, providing regular follow-up consultations for common and chronic illnesses, including flu, diarrhoea, rash, sinusitis, red eyes, indigestion, diabetes, high blood pressure and high cholesterol. Medication will be delivered within 4 hours of the video consultation, so you can receive treatment from the comfort of your home.


Afraid the process of telemedicine is too complicated? Easy, just follow these steps!

Log on to EC Heathcare’s Telemedicine website

Select remote consultation room

Select the month, day and time

Pay online

Fill in your personal details and sign the consent form (if applicable)

Click "Confirm Appointment"

Fill in your personal details and sign the consent form (if applicable)

Pay online

Wait for the doctor at the scheduled time


Pay for medication online

Receive medication at the appointed time


In telemedicine, the doctor diagnoses the patient via video communication and provides treatment and follow-up services. If the patient’s condition is serious or the symptoms are complex, the doctor may recommend an in-person consultation or the A&E department.

Telehealth visits are good for

Follow-up visits

Prescription refills

Flu / Fever / Cold

Rash / Sinusitis / Red Eye


Diarrhoea / Vomiting / Indigestion

Chronic diseases such as diabetes, hypertension and high cholesterol

Not applicable

Serious illness



  • Enable close monitoring
  • Minimize risk of infection outside your home
  • Quick and easy video consultation
  • Fast delivery of drugs to your home
  • Save time and the hassle of traveling


  1. Proof of identity
  1. Mobile phone / computer
    Equipped with camera, speaker,
    microphone, internet connection


General telemedicine HK$520

  • Includes consultation fee
  • 3-day prescription & medication delivery

First-time visit HK$168

  • Includes consultation fee
  • 2-day basic Chinese Medicine pack
  • 2 anti-epidemic service packs


We have appointed Lalamove to provide the drug delivery service. To change the scheduled delivery time, patients should contact Lalamove to change the time. Note that Lalamove may charge patients additional fees.

Patients may also pick up their medicines from the clinic.

No drug delivery will be available for drugs that require cold storage, specified premises of compulsory testing and certain remote areas such as Lo Wu, Mai Po, Man Kam To, Ta Kwu Ling, Islands District, control areas, etc.

Patients are advised to seek medical attention as soon as possible if they have the following symptoms:

  • Pain or pressure in the chest or upper abdomen
  • Fainting, feeling dizzy or general weakness
  • Sudden changes in vision, e.g. vision loss for one or two eyes
  • Confusion or coma, slurred speech, emotional instability, etc.
  • Unexpected and severe pain
  • Serious fall or bleeding
  • Severe or persistent diarrhoea or vomiting
  • Vomiting blood
  • Impairment in speech or movement of arms and legs