Oncology & Cancer

We are led by a seasoned team of clinical oncologists, Chinese medicine specialists and nurses, who work in tandem to deliver matchless integrated care for patients, including specialist consultation, clinical risk assessment, exams, diagnosis, treatment and care. With a combination of Chinese and Western therapies and advanced medical equipment, we provide full support to our patients on their journey to recovery.

Brands under EC Healthcare

Oncology and Cancer Centre

reVIVE Oncology and Cancer Centre is under EC Healthcare (Stock Code: 2138), we strive to provide the best, efficient and comprehensive treatment to patients. Our professional medical team is formed by experienced specialists. Integrating Chinese and Western treatment with advanced medical facilities, reVIVE Oncology and Cancer Center always give you the full support to your health.


One-stop Medical Imaging Service

Hong Kong Advanced Imaging (HKAI) strives to offer the best quality of service, HKAI features a comfortable and spacious environment for your peace of mind. A designated “Women-only Area” is available to secure your privacy. Being a one-stop medical imaging service hub, we offer services including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT scan, Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT), EOS Low Dose X-ray Imaging System, 3D Mammography, Ultrasound Examination, X-ray Examination and Bone Mass Measurement.

Upholding the motto of "Customers Come First" and combining advanced technology and a dedicated team of healthcare specialists, we offer a wide range of comprehensive and premier quality health care services.


One Stop Specialist Service

With advanced medical facilities and professional medical specialists, Specialists Central is dedicated to giving the best medical service and patient peace of mind.

We truly believe that best treatment comes with close communication between medical specialists and patients. Therefore, we not only care about the medical needs of patients but also integrate our service with advanced equipments and professional knowledge. A strong communication and trustfulness is the key of everything.

Endoscopy Centre

Licensed Day Procedure Centre

Hong Kong Medical Endoscopy and Day Surgery Centre (“HKMED”) is a one-stop specialist clinic dedicated to providing quality and reliable medical services for endoscopy and daytime minor surgeries.

HKMED offers a wide range of top-notch endoscopy systems. From initial consultation and examination to surgery, our experienced medical team provides the public members with the proper and secure specialist medical services.

One-stop Health Management Service Centre

re:HEALTH provides one-stop health management service with high security, high privacy and high quality from professional medical team of excellent services, of passion and high commitment to ensure the best medical examination outcomes to our valued members.

Our core services include comprehensive health screening, vaccination, nutritionists consultation, chiropractic diagnosis and health management.