Children’s Health

We are led by seasoned and compassionate paediatricians, child development assessors and therapists, professionals supporting a child’s emotional behaviour, and specialists in the area of psychotherapy, who work together to help parents identify and deal with problems that arise during the developmental period of their children, deliver the one-stop medical services, and ensure every child’s healthy development as early as birth to his/her late teen.

Brands under EC Healthcare

No.1* The Best Paediatric Wellness Centre

We are dedicated to provide comprehensive and one-stop paediatric services to children in different developmental stages.

Our centre provides pediatric clinics and specialities services, including otolaryngology, pediatric surgery, orthopaedics and dental service. In addition, there are all-rounded medical services such as vaccination, allergy testing, nutrition and diet consultation, sleep apnoea treatment, speech therapy, development assessment, infant physical examination and remote medical services. We have a large professional team and advanced medical equipment to provide children with high-quality and comprehensive medical services.

Our professional team is composed of paediatricians, dentists, and a number of professionals with experience in child development assessment and therapy, and child behavioural therapy. We assist parents to recognize and handle their children’s growth problems as early as possible.



One-stop Medical Imaging Service

Hong Kong Advanced Imaging (HKAI) strives to offer the best quality of service, HKAI features a comfortable and spacious environment for your peace of mind. A designated “Women-only Area” is available to secure your privacy. Being a one-stop medical imaging service hub, we offer services including Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), CT scan, Positron Emission Tomography-Computed Tomography (PET-CT), EOS Low Dose X-ray Imaging System, 3D Mammography, Ultrasound Examination, X-ray Examination and Bone Mass Measurement.

Upholding the motto of "Customers Come First" and combining advanced technology and a dedicated team of healthcare specialists, we offer a wide range of comprehensive and premier quality health care services.

The No.1* Spine and Physiotherapy Center in Hong Kong

Founded in 2006, New York Medical Group has always been providing timely and one-stop pain management services to patients. With total 26 pain centers spread all across the city, we are always ready to provide the most effective and highest quality treatment to our patients.

Our international professional medical team includes professional orthopedics, spine and physiotherapy, and neurosurgery. We also implement state-of-the-art technology, in order to keep up the standard of service and take care of patients with different needs.

*Based on the total number of New York Medical Group stores and total revenue for the full year of 2021


Licensed Day Procedure Centre

We are a group of dedicated doctors who believe in working together to provide the highest professional standard of care to our patients. Our centre was established in 2006 and share a common vision of providing quality care to members of the whole family. We have expanded into a multi-specialty medical centre offering a wide range of medical services.