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Brands under EC Healthcare

Over 10 Years Experiences in Aesthetic Service

With a team of seasoned medical professionals, the commitment to high quality and safe medical results, and the application of advanced equipment and technology, DERMAGIC is fit to tailor-make the right medical aesthetic treatments for our customers and offer them the assurance at reasonable and transparent prices. The Centre offer supreme personal skin care products and considerate services to help our customer relax during treatments. We pledge to maintain the high quality of professional and meticulous service we have been rendering since we commenced business.

Supported by Over 100 Celebrities / KOLs

Āto Hair Club is located at the heart of Hong Kong – 49/F of Langham Place at Mong Kok and 535 Tower at Causeway Bay. As the highest hair club of the city, customers could view the unique and beautiful panoramic coastline scenery of Victoria Harbour, while enjoying private, professional and attentive Japanese style hair treatment and manicure services.

Equipped with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment with a comfortable and enjoyable environment, Āto Hair Club offers premium and exclusive services to our valuable customers.

Korean Semi-Permanent Makeup Services

Seoul Elegant is a professional Korean semi-permanent make-up center in Hong Kong, offering international-level techniques for light feathered eyebrows, natural eyeliners, hairline trimming, Korean baby lips, keratin lash lift and Japanese eyelash extensions.

The band’s semi-permanent make-up specialists are trained and recognized by SISA UNITED, the number one overseas beauty association, and KBEI, the largest beauty education association in Korea, and have been invited to be the Chairman of SISA United. In addition to the professional team that has made Seoul Elegant stand out in the industry, its elevated location where breathtaking views of Victoria Harbor and coastline on both sides are a sure thing is definitely an inviting luxury one cannot miss when having our splendid make-up experience.

The Way to be Perfect

PRODERMA LAB resides in Puidoux of Switzerland, near Lake Geneva, a peaceful and quiet environment. PRODERMA LAB produces skin care products that are full of natural Swiss ingredients, using a variety of plant extract and innovative Swiss scientific research and technology, to persuade the ladies to fall in love with the brand. PRODERMA LAB’s utility of local natural resources creates a unique medical skin care formula that replenishes skin texture and delay skin aging.

To meet the Swiss quality of life and luxurious expectations, PRODERMA LAB’s product packaging design is meticulous in order to charm the ladies beforehand so they would really love PRODERMA LAB “from the outside in”.

Prestigious Swiss Skincare Brand with a History of 30 Years

Founded in 1989, Swissline has been known near and far for its exclusive "cellular source" approach in the field of cellular therapy.

After years of resolute and innovative research, we have developed the Cellactel 2 Complex, a plant cellular extract that contains no animal-derived ingredients to replace the animal cellular extract in the original formula. This complex delivers miraculous skincare results from the cellular source, leaving the skin deeply hydrated, energised and regenerated like never before.

For almost 30 years, Swissline has been committed to its unique approach to skincare - "Glamscience" - a blend of Swiss science and genuine glamour to deliver the splendid skincare experience.

With an ever-expanding distribution network in over 30 countries in Europe, the Middle East, Asia and the US and Canada, the brand has established itself as a prestigious leader in the international beauty industry.