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Operational Highlights
Mergers & Acquistions
DEC / 2023

Acquired of laboratory equipment distribution business

NOV / 2023

Strategic Alliance with RiMag

Strategic Alliance with Leqee

Strategic Alliance with Kerry Logistics

APR / 2023

Acquired of aesthetic medical equipment distribution business

MAR / 2023

Strategic Collaboration with New Horizon Health

Opened the First Organic Flagship Veterinary Hospital in Hong Kong

FEB / 2023

Strategic Alliance with Prudential

OCT / 2022

Acquired Multi-Disciplinary Healthcare Services Chain SureCare Medical and Health Network

Acquired Exotic Animal Veterinary Business

SEP / 2022

DR REBORN Opens a New Flagship Centre at Central Entertainment Building

EC Healthcare signed MOU with AXA Hong Kong & Macau for a strategic partnership and jointly establish the first AXA Medical Centre

JUN / 2022

Signed first sustainability-linked facility totaling HKS700 million

Established a joint venture with KaiLong Group and Asia Allied Infrastructure

MAY / 2022

Acquisition of Mobile Medical

APR / 2022

Acquired veterinary hospital in Hong Kong

Opened New Multi-Service Flagship Medical Centre at Central and Advanced Imaging Centre at Taikoo

FEB / 2022

Acquired multi-disciplinary medical services centers

NOV / 2021

Acquires of Premier Medical Group (BVI) Limited

Acquired dental chain in Hong Kong

AUG / 2021

Acquires another veterinary hospital chains in HK

JUL / 2021

Further Issue Shares to Strategic Shareholder
Dr. Cheng Chi Kong and Aspex Management
Received HK$248M

MAY / 2021

Strategic Collaboration Memorandum with China Medical System

Acquires veterinary hospital & Imaging centre chains in HK

Opening of HKAI centre in Tsim Sha Tsui

APR / 2021

Introduction of Dr. Cheng Chi Kong and Aspex Management as strategic shareholders, received HK$230M

UMH officially renamed EC Healthcare

MAR / 2021

Opening of Hair Forest and re:HEALTH

DEC / 2020

Acquistion of PathLab Medical Laboratories Ltd.

NOV / 2020

Acquisition of Zenith

Received HK$613.6 million capital injections from Goldman Sachs, OrbiMed and Gaw Capital

SEP / 2020

Acquisition of dental chains in Hong Kong

Top-up placing of 10mn shares to a Non-executive Director of Agile Group

New share issuance of 4,805,410 shares to Champion REIT

JUL / 2020

Opening of HKAI centre in Yuen Long

Acquisition of chiropractic services

MAY / 2020

Opening of Hair Forest

Acquisition of New Medical Centre Limited

APR / 2020

Introduction of Champion REIT as a strategic partner through allotment of new shares

Co-Owner Schemebecame effective Co-Owner Schemebecame effective
DEC / 2019

Opening of HKICC

AUG / 2019

Acquisition of Primecare

JUN / 2019

First vaccine center HKPV

Acquisition of Digital Marketing Agency

MAY / 2019
APR / 2019

Opening of ATO Hair Club and Seoul Elegant

MAR / 2019

Acquisition of HK Orthopedic & Clinical Myotherapy

NOV / 2018

Opening of HKMED / reVIVE / HKAI/ Specialist Central

Acquisition of Mckenzie Healthcare

Opening of GP Clinics Tencent Doctorwork

MAY / 2018

Medical investment fund OrbiMed becomes second-largest shareholder and strategic partner

DEC / 2017

Acquisition of dental chains in Hong Kong

OCT / 2017

Distribution of Switzerland high end skincare brand

AUG / 2017

Acquisition of Ortho Central

NOV / 2016

Acquisition of distributor of medical equipment, medical consumables and medications

SEP / 2016

Acquisition of chiropractic services

MAY / 2016

First health management centre

MAR / 2016

MAR 2016 - Listing of UMH on the Main Board


Acquisition of dental chains in Hong Kong


Launch of skincare and beauty products


First medical aesthetic centre