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Air Conditioning Makes Your Eyes Dry and Gritty? It Could Be Dry Eye Syndrome!

Air conditioning is essential in shopping malls or offices. It makes your body feel comfortable, but you may experience dry and gritty eyes for no reason, and even irritating pain and blurry vision over time. These may be the signs of dry eye syndrome!

Why Air Conditioning Can Cause Dry Eye Syndrome?

Prolonged exposure to air-conditioning, coupled with the great difference between indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity can easily evaporate the moisture from the surface of your eyes. If the eyes produce too few tears to lubricate the surface, the conjunctival and corneal epithelial cells will dry and peel off, leading to dry eye syndrome.

Factors Other Than Air Conditionin

In addition to air conditioning, prolonged use of electronic devices and contact lenses, as well as hormone changes can all contribute to dry eyes. Research findings show that dry eyes are prevalent, with an incidence rate of up to 50% worldwide. If left untreated, its recurrence over time may lead to corneal perforation and even vision loss in severe cases.

Dry Eyes Symptoms

1/ A foreign body sensation in the eyes

2/ Chronic dry eyes

3/ Eye redness

4/ Itchy eyes

5/ Tired eyes

6/ Burning sensation

7/ Sensitivity to light (photophobia)

8/ Stringy mucus in the eyes

9/ Pain and soreness in the eyes

If you experience the above symptoms, make an appointment at EC EYE immediately to test for dry eye syndrome and receive Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Therapy!

Dry Eye Diagnostic and Treatment Services

Are your daily activities bothered by dry eyes? Receive a dry eye examination at EC EYE immediately! We offer examinations complying with different international standards to identify the degree of dry eye condition, and provide the most appropriate treatment modality to manage the condition accordingly, such as the innovative IPL Therapy and medicated eye drops. Let’s restore the health and glow of your eyes!

For more information on dry eyes, please reserve for examinations or contact us immediately!

Source: EC EYE

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