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The common problems glasses wearers encounter Get rid of these hassles in one go

In light of the pandemic, many children and adults cannot help but stay at home. As the time spent on electronic devices increases, so does the development of myopia, and more people start wearing glasses or contact lenses. Some people think that wearing glasses is more elegant, but many others are troubled by the problems that come with wearing glasses or contact lenses. Stay tuned and see the common problems glasses wearers encounter.

The problems of wearing glasses/ contact lenses

  1. The high prescription lenses can minify your eyes

  2. Wearing a face mask can fog up your glasses

  3. Your glasses fog up when going from cold to warm areas (e.g. Exit from the shopping mall to the street)

  4. Nose marks from wearing glasses that do not fade

  5. The glasses may break and require replacement due to mishaps during exercises

Many glasses wearers decide to try contact lenses in order to get rid of these hassles, but other problems arise.

  1. Eye fatigue after a day-long use of lenses

  2. Wearing contact lenses over time can be harmful to the cornea and can lead to dry eye syndrome

  3. Contacts lenses are convenient for outdoor physical activities, but they may fall off during high-contact sports and make you unable to see

  4. You may forget to remove your contact lenses when going to sleep, which is harmful to your eye health

  5. If monthly contact lenses are not cleaned properly, there is a risk of corneal infection

  6. The need to buy contact lenses every month increases the financial burden

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Source: EC EYE

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