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Are you Aware of Any Signs of Ageing Skin? How to Prevent your Skin from Sagging

6 signs of ageing to watch out for Skin becomes dry and makeup no longer applies tight

It used to be easy to take care of your skin, but ageing skin has lost its ability to lock in moisture and now nothing you do can bring back the dewy and glowing skin. The cosmetics tend to flake and come off as well.

Slower recovery from acne

As the metabolism slows down, recovery is dragged and acne marks do not fade for a long time.

Unwittingly large pores

Ageing causes the skin to become thinner, blood circulation to slow down and the fatty layer of the subcutaneous tissue to lose its elasticity. The tension between the pores is reduced and the pores look larger.

Smile lines, fine lines around the lips and eyes

When collagen is lost with age, the skin naturally sags, and so does the apple cheek. Smile lines, fine lines around the lips deepen. The skin around the eyes is the thinnest part of the face, and the fact that it blinks up to 10,000 times a day can lead to the development of lines and wrinkles, making them appear older.

Skin sags with your contours

Look at the photos and see that your face is different from before? This is due to the loss of collagen and elastin in the face due to ageing and the loss of foundation support for the upper layer of fatty tissue, which makes the face look saggy. And when the fat is displaced due to loss of support, it will accumulate on the lower half of the face, making it look wider, squarer and larger.

When the supplement becomes less effective 

As the condition of your skin changes, so do the nutrients you need. When you are young, you may only need simple moisturising, but as your skin ages, you will need more nourishment to repair, brighten and soothe.

Ultraformer MPT Micro-Pulsed Technology fights off signs of ageing

To adequately replenish collagen and stop ageing, skincare products may no longer be your trusted partner. DR REBORN's new 4th Generation Ultraformer MPT (micro-pulsed technology) is now coming with a fresh anti-ageing experience! The latest unique MPT releases energy evenly with 417 points in one line, enabling the HIFU to break through the limitations of the TCP (thermal coagulation point), build up heat and maximise the treatment effect. It stimulates collagen production to tackle fine lines and wrinkles, lifts droopy eyelids, enhances skin laxity, tightens skin and improves dull and uneven skin tone as if a steel cord helps you tighten your skin!

Reduced treatment time

Bi-directional process, 2.5x faster than Ultraformer 3rd Generation, 0.932 seconds per 2 rounds

360-degree all round lifting

Both straight and circular lines

Enhances the effect of the treatment with a lift and collagen filler

Ultra booster with HIFU

Exclusive booster coil HIFU infusion technology

Longer lasting effect than traditional HIFU

Various handpieces for full treatment coverage, filling in the gaps in normal mode heating for a comprehensive and long-lasting effect

Non-invasive procedure

Optimised technology with continuous heat build-up for pain relief

預防肌膚老化 逆齡超科技 Ultraformer MPT 微脈衝科技

Many women realise they are ageing when they look in the mirror and catch sight of their loose skin. Skin ageing does not happen overnight. Ageing signs may appear without you noticing. You should be on guard if you’re over 25 because your skin is ageing faster than you can imagine. Early detection makes it easier to prevent and stop skin slackening and ageing!


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