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Who is Suitable for SMILE Xtra?

There is a growing interest in receiving SMILE to improve vision. The procedures are effective for myopia, astigmatism, presbyopia and other eye problems. The minimal incision greatly reduces the risk of infection and speeds up recovery. However, SMILE is not suitable for everyone. If your myopia refraction is over 1,000 degrees, your astigmatism is over 300 degrees, your cornea is too thin or pupil too large, you are not suitable for SMILE.

However, if you really want to undergo SMILE, some people who do not meet the criteria may also be suitable to undergo corneal collagen cross-linking (Smile XTRA), in which the cornea would be strengthened before the procedures of SMILE. However, a thorough examination by an ophthalmologist is required prior to surgery.

What is corneal collagen cross-linking (Smile XTRA)?

The aim of Smile XTRA is to strengthen the cornea by increasing the number of "anchors" that hold the collagen fibres together to enhance the strength of the cornea and reduce the damage caused to the corneal layers during surgery.

Steps of Smile XTRA

The doctor will first apply vitamin B2 (riboflavin) to the patient's eyes

The collagen in the corneal fibres is then tightened by UVA irradiation for about 1 minute

Strengthened corneas and increased hardness

Who needs corneal collagen cross-linking surgery (SMILE XTRA)?

SMILE Xtra is a corneal collagen cross-linking procedure for people with thin corneas, serious refraction, potential risk of tapered corneas or corneal degeneration. The ophthalmologist will assess the client to determine if additional corneal collagen cross-linking is required. If this procedure is assessed to be necessary, it can be performed at the same time as SMILE and will take about a few minutes to complete.

Source: EC EYE

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