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Is Your Sedentary Lifestyle Putting Your Kidney Health at Risk? 5 Habits You Need to Break Now!

Many lifestyle habits can take a toll on your health – especially your precious kidney function. As we reach our 40s, our glomerular filtration rate (GFR) naturally declines, but the following 5 toxic habits can speed the process and impair your kidney function if you don’t take proactive action and break them.

1/Insufficient water intake

Glomeruli are ball-shaped clusters of blood vessels that filter waste and remove extra fluids from the blood. The GFR will be affected when you haven’t drunk sufficient water. Many people lack sufficient daily water intake and drink only when they’re very thirsty, which can slow down their metabolism and damage their kidneys. You are advised to drink an amount of water equal to 3-4% of your body weight.


2/A diet high in oil, salt and sugar

Common diseases in Hong Kongers such as diabetes, high blood pressure and gout are closely related to a diet high in oil, salt and sugar. This dietary habit will trigger inflammation in the body and block blood vessels, increasing the burden on the kidneys. You should quit eating foods high in oil, salt and sugar and build a balanced diet with more vegetables and less meat.


3/Stress and working overnight

Stress and an all-nighter can worsen one’s immune system and trigger conditions such as high blood pressure and blood sugar levels, exerting a further burden on the kidneys. You should avoid staying up late and build a habit of sleeping and waking up early – preferably sleeping before 11 p.m. Exercises and meditation are also effective ways to reduce stress.


4/A sedentary lifestyle

A sedentary lifestyle can be a significant health issue. It is not only bad for your kidneys, prolonged slouching also damages your heart, lungs, liver, immune system, brain, nervous system, muscles, bones, metabolism and more! Many research findings point out that people seated for 6 hours or more daily live shorter than those who do not. You should leave your seat and stretch your body for 5 minutes every hour to boost your blood circulation.


5/Holding your urine

As public toilets are often dirty, many people, especially ladies, tend to hold their urine and even avoid drinking water to reduce the urge to urinate. This can be hazardous to health and lead to urinary tract infections and stones, and even severe conditions such as kidney degeneration, causing frequent urination and incontinence in old age. You should drink more water and urinate more to facilitate metabolism.


Source: Medical News

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