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7 Tips to Long-Lasting, Perfectly Manicured Nails

Many girls come out of nail salons happy with their perfectly manicured nails but are soon upset by a scratch or peeling on their nails within one week. If you fancy well-groomed and long-lasting manicured nails, you can’t be lazy in daily nail care. This blog will reveal 7 secrets to taking care of your polished nails and helping them last longer!

Use your finger pulp

Use the pulp instead of the tip of your fingers for tasks after a manicure. For example, do not use your fingertips to tap your smartphone screen, type on a keyboard and open a can. Otherwise, the nail polish will peel off shortly.

Avoid contacting irritants

Many girls engage in house cleaning, but detergents can easily damage your pretty nails! Grab your gloves before any cleaning tasks and avoid contacting hot water and oil (e.g., when bathing) to prevent nail damage.

Never rip your hangnails off

Hangnails form due to excess cuticle growth or skin dryness. These hard pieces of skin can be ruining your pretty nails, but you should not rip them off as this can cause bleeding and bacterial infection. Your nails may become painful and swollen, which stops you from getting a manicure for some time! You can use a nail clipper to cut it off at the bottom and apply gentle ointment on the area for protection.


Care for the skin around your nails

Dehydration will cause dry skin or peeling nails, that’s why regular nail moisturisation with cuticle oil is essential. After washing your hands or bathing, remember to gently towel dry your nails and apply cuticle oil or cream to moisturise and nourish the skin around your nails. This can boost their moisture content and make manicures last longer.

File your nails in the right way

When filing your nails, never hastily bring the file back and forth across the nail. You should file towards the same direction to avoid damaging the nail. Choose a long and lightweight nail file to reduce heat and friction, hence preventing damage.


Use cuticle oil to strengthen your nails

Some girls are hesitant to use nail polish or other products for fear of damaging their nails. But nail polish, similar to a hair dye job, does not ruin your healthy and well-groomed nails as long as you give them a break occasionally. If you still worry that painting your nails can damage their health, you can use cuticle oil regularly to protect and moisturise your nails, giving them a healthy shine.

Visit your nail salon regularly

A manicure typically lasts 3-4 weeks, often depending on your nail care routine! You should visit a professional nail salon every 5-8 weeks to remove gel or acrylic nails and nourish your nails. An attentive nail care routine can let your nails receive more dazzling looks!


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