Chinese Medicine

Our registered Chinese Medicine Practitioner will tailor-make treatment and health care plans according to your constitution and health status, and we are particularly skilled in treating pains in the shoulder, neck, back and leg with acupuncture.

Brands under EC Healthcare

Oncology and Cancer Centre

reVIVE Oncology and Cancer Centre is under EC Healthcare (Stock Code: 2138), we strive to provide the best, efficient and comprehensive treatment to patients. Our professional medical team is formed by experienced specialists. Integrating Chinese and Western treatment with advanced medical facilities, reVIVE Oncology and Cancer Center always give you the full support to your health.

The No.1* Spine and Physiotherapy Center in Hong Kong

Founded in 2006, New York Medical Group has always been providing timely and one-stop pain management services to patients. With total 26 pain centers spread all across the city, we are always ready to provide the most effective and highest quality treatment to our patients.

Our international professional medical team includes professional orthopedics, spine and physiotherapy, and neurosurgery. We also implement state-of-the-art technology, in order to keep up the standard of service and take care of patients with different needs.

*Based on the total number of New York Medical Group stores and total revenue for the full year of 2021

AI Medical

One-stop Medical Service Protecting Health for Individuals & Families

Riding on the synergy brought by our one-stop healthcare network online and offline, AI Medical Centre can manage patients’ health in a smart, trouble-free and inclusive manner, and deliver its state-of-the-art healthcare experience to everyone by tapping into integrated personal health data backed by a cure and rehabilitation tracking system.