Heart & Vascular Health

The medical centre is committed to providing a comprehensive range of non-invasive diagnoses and treatments for patients with cardiovascular disease. With state-of-the-art medical facilities in place, our seasoned cardiologists and healthcare professionals are ready to provide patients with well-rounded cardiovascular screening, diagnosis and treatment/surgery services.

Brands under EC Healthcare

Provide Non-invasive Diagnostic and Therapeutic Services for Cardiovascular Disease

The Hong Kong International Cardiology Center is committed to providing a comprehensive range of non-invasive diagnostic and therapeutic services for patients with cardiovascular disease. The Center is equipped with the most advanced diagnostic devices accredited worldwide to provide screening, diagnosis and treatment/surgery services for all types of cardiac and vascular health conditions. We are made up of a team of experienced cardiologists and medical professionals.

EC Healthcare Medical Centre

Integrated Medical Centre

As a patient-oriented integrated medical centre, EC Healthcare Medical Centre aims to help patients with early detection, prevention and treatment. We are led by seasoned doctors and medical professionals from various specialities, who are devoted to providing all-round, first-rate and attentive healthcare services to every patient.

Located in the heart of Taikoo Shing and Central, the Clinic is all set to manage patients’ health from prevention, through diagnosis to treatment by providing comprehensive medical services, including general and specialist out-patient consultation, health checks, vaccinations and more.

While being an integrated clinic under "EC Healthcare", EC Healthcare Medical Centre is ready to offer seamless access to medical services together with the referral services of the Group's specialist centres and imaging centres.


One Stop Specialist Service

With advanced medical facilities and professional medical specialists, Specialists Central is dedicated to giving the best medical service and patient peace of mind.

We truly believe that best treatment comes with close communication between medical specialists and patients. Therefore, we not only care about the medical needs of patients but also integrate our service with advanced equipments and professional knowledge. A strong communication and trustfulness is the key of everything.

One-stop Health Management Service Centre

re:HEALTH provides one-stop health management service with high security, high privacy and high quality from professional medical team of excellent services, of passion and high commitment to ensure the best medical examination outcomes to our valued members.

Our core services include comprehensive health screening, vaccination, nutritionists consultation, chiropractic diagnosis and health management.


Chronic Disease Management

Qualigenics Medical is a health promotion program supported by the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK). We adopt “Disease management” model to deliver clinical services by a multidisciplinary and holistic approach. We aim to improve quality of life by providing high quality and yet affordable services to meet the growing needs of people with chronic illnesses and other general medical problems through treatment and education.