Veterinary Care

Pets are man's best friend. We also take care of their health and provide proper examination and care for your family member with our excellent veterinary team. We are also devoted to improving our service quality to ensure that your beloved one is well treated.

Brands under EC Healthcare

Professional Care to Your Pets

EC Vetcare provides medical, surgical and imaging diagnostic services, providing the most professional treatment options for pets.

Our clinics are equipped with complete medical equipment and specialized pet medical teams which have rich clinical experience. The entire process is followed up by professional medical staff, providing professional and comprehensive one-stop inspection, diagnosis and treatment for pets.

provides specialized, expert veterinary care for general and complex medical problems

Animal Medical Academy Hospital (AMAH)provides specialized, expert veterinary care for general and complex medical problems. We are committed to providing the best pet care and owner-pet experience possible. Our work is guided by our Vision, Mission, and Values.

As a One-stop animal medical hospital, our hospital design follow the AAHA standard. We're striving for the animals' welfare and respect every life by providing compassionate care and exceptional services for pets.

Our veterinarians are trained to handle a variety of surgical techniques, including professional cardiac procedures and animal veterinary anesthesia.

Provides General, Urgent and Comprehensive Care for Animals

Heung Wo Animal Medical Centre provides general, urgent and comprehensive care for animals, in order to provide the most appropriate treatment and care for sick animals. There are day consultation services and 24-hour inpatient services, intensive care ICU cages for observation of high-risk patients, and isolation wards for high-disease patients, strive to provide the most appropriate care for hospitalized animals.

All of our veterinarian have extensive experiences and strives to provide the highest quality veterinary diagnosis and treatment services for sick animals.

Provide the Best Medical Care for Pets in Hong Kong

Maple Veterinary Hospital is committed to providing the most professional diagnosis and care for pets. Whether healthy or sick pets, we strive to provide the best medical care for pets in Hong Kong. Both on general health service and relatively complex situation, we will provide comprehensive care according to their needs.

We also have comprehensive medical equipment to ensure that pets can get suitable treatment. Great location in Sham Shui Po area.

Team of Over 15 Fully Qualified and Licensed Veterinarians from Around the Globe

Animal Medical Centre (AMC) started in 2000, now under EC Healthcare. With a vision to assemble a team of exceptional veterinary practitioners dedicated to providing the best care possible to your pets.

Since then, we have amassed a team of over 15 fully qualified and licensed veterinarians from around the globe. Each one with a variety of skill sets that as a collective, gives your pets easy access to the whole team’s experience. When a team like this comes together with our technology and equipment, great things can happen for your pets’ healthcare.

Provide general, urgent and comprehensive care for pets

Since 2007, PETCARES has opened its doors to pets, treating your pets as family members. PETCARES provide general, urgent and comprehensive care for pets and treat animals suffering from serious diseases. We welcome cats, dogs, rabbits, chinchillas, terrapins and small mammals. PETCARES believes preventive treatment is the key for pet's long-term health and well-being.