EC Healthcare Participated in Asia Summit on Global Health and Committed to Drive Positive Change in Healthcare Industry

May 22, 2024

The Asia Summit on Global Health (ASGH2024) has commenced, gathering over 80 speakers and 150 exhibitors from the healthcare and medical industry at the HKCEC under the theme of “Innovation. Inclusion. Impact”. On the first day of ASGH2024, Mr. Leslie Lu, Executive Director and CEO of EC Healthcare, had a fruitful conversation about explore the strategies to address healthcare disparities by ensuring diverse access to innovative solutions, and the significance of effective collaboration among stakeholders in making a lasting impact on healthcare innovation and inclusivity.

As a key players in the healthcare industry, our participation in this summit signifies our commitment to staying at the forefront of advancements and driving positive change in healthcare delivery. Leslie’s presence as a guest speaker at this prestigious event highlights our organization’s thought leadership and reputation for excellence. It is an excellent opportunity for EC Healthcare to explore opportunities and conduct more cross-sector collaborations. As part of the discussions, Leslie Lu shared his views on healthcare industry collaboration for healthcare innovation, operational excellence, and digital transformation in Hong Kong’s dynamic market, leveraging government partnerships and international opportunities. Leslie had a passionate about driving positive change in the healthcare industry, and strong believe that collaboration, both within the industry and with the government, along with a focus on digital transformation, will be instrumental in shaping the future of healthcare in Hong Kong.

Looking Ahead: ASGH 2024 will comprise a series of thematic sessions focusing on the latest trends in different medical sectors. Serves as a one-stop cross-disciplinary platform that will bring together all stakeholders – from policymakers to healthcare experts to renowned academia and influential business leaders, together with key industry players to facilitate strategic partnership.

As the largest non-hospital medical service provider in Hong Kong, EC Healthcare will continue to exchange insights with different stakeholders, explore opportunities to formulate strategies, and continue to optimize healthcare ecosystem and corporate culture integration as our vision.